dimanche 31 janvier 2016

The Grand Budapest Hotel, les magnifiques miniatures du tournage du film

Rêverie autour des extraordinaires maquettes du tournage du film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Les décors du film de Wes Anderson, un des rares cinéaste à encore utiliser des maquettes, vous transportent dans un autre temps.

The amazing miniatures about shooting of The Grand Budapest Hotel movie by Wes Anderson.

samedi 23 janvier 2016

"Courage & Liberté" série limitée

Pour les amateurs de montres classiques à la recherche de modèles originaux, les rééditions, les séries limitées ou les collections capsules offrent de belles opportunités.

En ce moment, LIP et Commune de Paris 1871 s'associent pour proposer une série limitée intitulée "Courage & Liberté". La gamme comporte 4 déclinaisons du modèle historique Panoramic, ainsi qu'une version revisitée de la classique Himalaya, créée en 1954 par Fred Lip que j'apprécie particulièrement.  

Plus d'information & online shop :
   LIP, maison horlogère française depuis 1867.
       Commune de Paris1871

For fans of classic watches, in search of original designs, new editions and limited series offer great opportunities.
Right now, LIP & Commune de Paris 1871 offer a limited series called "Courage & Liberté" ("Courage & Freedom"). The range comprises 4 versions of the Panoramic historical model and a revisited version of the classic Himalaya, founded in 1954 by Fred Lip which I particularly appreciate.

More information & online shop

   LIP is a French watchmaker since 1867.
       Commune de Paris1871
Photos & drawing : ernø

vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Bloggers Interiors : apartment with Deers by Alena Yudina designer

Hello Alena, you are an inspired interior designer in Kiev. Today, we are lucky to visit your very nice apartment, named apartment with deers. Could you tell us more about your inspiration?
It is always new people, new impressions, new historical periods and new countries…
Now, for example, it’s about 70s and 40s.
Now it’s the ancient China and at the same time the Russian avant-garde, which is, in my opinion, one of the most captivating, this is Marc Chagall, whose history fascinated me forever.

My ultimate freedom is to inspire and to be inspired.

The inspiring women are such legends as Diana Vreeland, I love also Audrey, Twiggy, Jane and Veruschka - that were the beauties to my humble opinion.

You should seek the inspiration inside Your own head and in the world surrounding You, in the people You love, in dreams, in the art and in the awareness of the moment, which is “here and now”.

Some people believe that the inspiration is a very “working condition” and that it comes during the work. And I’m sure that it comes in time of love and in time of suffering. There is no more creative state than love is.

Could you tell us more about your favorite color?
I like the white color. Vassiliy Kandinskiy described the white color in very beautiful way in his collected stories on the color spectrum.

Who are yours favorites designers, creators or artists?
Surely, the’re quite many of them.
Veruschka is model, the muse, the object of art in herself, the true beauty and very clever person. There’s a movie in her honor, called by her name. Very inspiring, by the way.

I admire the way of Mikhail Ossipovich Eisenshtein to animate the spaces, how Le Corbusier transformed something rigid and still into something flexible and plastic, I like the purity of Peter Marino, I am very much inspired by Jacques Majorelle, who seems not to be the architect at all.

Do you have any piece of furniture you hankered to possess?
Perhaps, it is “Vassiliy”, the chair, related to the history of the Bauhaus school and named in honor of Vassiliy Kandinskiy.

Do You have some object you are inseparable with?
The Alesi geyser coffee maker, that’s it.

What web sites or magazines do you follow?
I like very much Yatzer and Dezeen among those, specializing in design.

Which books are the most important for You?
Those which made me think in other way and changed my perception of the world, my attitude.

Which music do You like?
In the list of my favourites are the Doors, Portiahead, The Knife, The Killers, PULP.
Thank you Alena, a word to finish?
“Don’t listen to anyone. Trust the things that give you pleasure. Trust the emotions. If you love something but can’t explain why, that’s enough”. - Calice Becker
I think, these are the words I would like to end with.

More information about Alena Yudina
All pictures : Alena Yudina , drawing : ernø

samedi 9 janvier 2016


Se ressourcer sur les rives du lac Léman, grand air, dessin, skate, un bon moment pour commencer l'année.

Relax on the river of Léman lake , outdoors, drawing, skateboarding, nice time to start the year.

 Photos & drawing : ernø

vendredi 1 janvier 2016


Je vous présente à toutes et tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année. A cette occasion, je vous propose cette nouvelle carte de voeux à télécharger gratuitement.

I wish you happy new year. Please, find this new greeting card to download for free.

Illustration :ernø 

Impression recommandée en format carte postale 10*15cm. Printing recommended on stationary postcard format 10x15cm.

Reproduction autorisée à usage privé, interdiction d'utilisation à usage commercial. Reproduced for private use, trade & commercial use prohibited.

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